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A new model of the most popular set-top box Lime TV box MXQ Pro has appeared. It invariably enjoys the special love of the company's customers. This is a budget and reliable set-top box, thanks to which Lime HD became the bestseller on almost all marketplaces. This set-top box instantly turns an ordinary TV into an advanced multimedia center with Internet access. Lime TV box MXQ Pro is easy to set up and manage. For its operation no antennas are needed, but only the Internet. Everything you need for work is included. 3 applications of the company are already installed in the set-top box - this is Lime HD TV, Digital TV, Lite HD TV. There is also YouTube, a web browser, a file manager for a flash drive or hard drive.
Dmitry Kryukov, head of the set-top box project says: "What I like about this set-top box is that it has 4 USB ports. You can stick a mouse or keyboard in there, there are no drivers required, but you get an android computer on the screen. With all the comforts of a keyboard. This console is the most popular in the world because it is cheap and run-in, it is easy to operate and reliable”.