Even more TV channels with Lime TV!

The international company "Lime TV" is actively working on filling its applications with TV channels. In just two months of 2022 the content increased by 95 TV channels. Information, entertainment, education and politics - the topics of the new channels are diverse.
The company's international applications were replenished with 86 TV channels at once. The popular Brazilian TV channel "TV CLÁSSICOS" can now be watched from anywhere in the world by anyone who speaks Portuguese. This is a real treasure trove for fans of Brazilian TV series and movies. TV Futuro is a new concept of television, entertainment and news of the country's largest carnival. TV ART HD TV channel tells and shows everything about sports in Rio de Janeiro and neighboring cities.
Artem Tolmachev, the Head of the International Department: "The more TV channels from different countries - the more our service is of interest to audiences from all over the world. You can learn about the culture of the country and even walk around it virtually. A variety of different regional TV channels allows users from different regions to watch up-to-date information about the state where they live. And also people who have moved to another place will always be interested in what is happening with their hometown.”
As for the company's Russian-language applications, 9 TV channels have added content here. Now users can move to Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, Krasnoyarsk or Kuzbass in one click. You can always be on the topic of the events of politics, economy and business of our country together with the "Public News Service". The National Housing Channel will help you live comfortably and understand all the nuances of the housing sector.
The application also takes care of the interests of the youngest users. Young viewers can find themselves in a fairy tale by turning on the international TV channel "Duck TV" or the Russian "CTC Kids".
Lime TV is constantly expanding its content and adding new TV channels so that the app users have an even wider choice.