Lime HD supports young scientists from all over the country

Alexander Nazarov, Leading Analyst of Lime HD, is among the independent experts of the “Smart” contest.
Quite recently, the final of the XIX republican competition of young innovators was held.
A chance for future scientists to talk about their developments and bring them to life is given by the Foundation for Assistance to the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Spheres.
From September to November 2021, novice innovators were selected. First, the participants presented their projects to the jury within the university, then to independent experts from different regions of our country. As a result, 59 projects in 6 areas passed to the final: “Digital technologies”, “Medicine and health-saving technologies”, “New materials and chemical technologies”, “New devices and intelligent production technologies”, “Biotechnologies”, “Resource-saving energy”. Out of these projects, the experts of the competition chose the best. The work of the participants was also evaluated by the leading analyst of the Lime HD Alexander Nazarov. By the way, Alexander himself was among the “smarts”. In 2013, he received a grant in the field of Information Technology. And according to the results of this year's competition, 7 finalists will receive financial support in the amount of 500 thousand rubles. Now their task is to realize their project. They have 2 years to do this.