Lime HD Hackathon 2023!

Lime HD held an external Hackathon for the first time and the organizers have the right to declare that they have coped with the task.
The company managed to bring together proactive, talented participants and professional experts who evaluated their projects!
The results of the Hackathon:
🥇Kanash MISIS team: Ivan Ilyin, Elizabeth Plastinina, Evgeny Shmat, Ivan Fadeev, Peter Akhtimirov;

🥈The "Bezumci" team: Vadim Korotaev, Gleb Zhmelev, Vadim Romanov, Vadim Solovyov, Artem Bulgakov, Leonid Izotov;

🥉“Popytka ne pytka” team: Vladimir Garifullin, Nigora Khamrakulova, Diana Osipova, Andrey Shomkin, Pavel Viktorov.
The Kanash MISIS team received a well-deserved prize of 100,000 rubles! You can see their project following the link: